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ღ When all seems lost, there is always the smallest beam of light to illuminate your way till the end of the tunnel ღ

This is the 14th member---Xion. If Roxas gets to keep a diary, I get to blog on Tumblr! ❤

|тнє ×ίv мємвєя of oяġαиίzαтίoи ×ίίί| αттяίвυтє of тнє lίġнт| яємємвяαиcє| ӄєγвlαđє ωίєlđєя|

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[I RP outside of the group too ^^]
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Halloween (VaniShi) by Semokan

(Source: semokan.deviantart.com)

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 #I couldn't resist XD  #Vani is posting up VaniShi pictures  #Vanitas  #Xion  #Vanishi
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